Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script

Play video link on your website with Ancok Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script. Fully Encrypted Output Link Streaming.


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Product Description:

Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script helps you to get link video streaming from in a fully customizable way, you will have full control over the player.

Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script has an admin panel, easy to use, just input the link videos from the website then click the generate link button.

Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script already comes with a backup of the url that will work if the main link has an error ,so you don’t need to worry if at any time this script doesn’t work properly!, also you can adding your Ad Vast Url.

How to use:
Just Upload The ZIP file into your hosting then extract it, open in your browser “” and you are done!. (change: with your domain name)



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Mega.NZ Jwplayer Php Script

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