Uptobox Jwplayer Php Script With Subtitle Manager Integrated

Play uptobox video Url on your website with Ancok Player Uptobox Jwplayer Php Script With Subtitle Manager Integrated.


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Product Description:

Uptobox Jwplayer Php Script helps you to stream video files stored on uptobox.com in a fully customizable way, you will have full control over the player.

Uptobox Jwplayer Php Script With Subtitle Manager Integrated, also you can adding your Ad Vast Url and Ads Banner300x200.

The player only retrieve video streaming link from Uptobox.com automatically, so you don’t need large storage also doesn’t need a large bandwidth.

With shared hosting that has low specifications, you can run the player.

Feature Added:

1. Auto Generate Redirect Download Page
2. Adblocker Detect Function (Video Will Not Play If The Player Detect AdBlocker!)
3. AdVast Slot Ready
4. Ad Banner 300×250 in player and download page ready
5. Disable and Enable Download Button
6. Protect Player with http referer
7. No need database


1. Shared Hosting or shared vps (no need high spec hosting)
2. Apache / NGINX
3. Php 7 Important!!!

License Type:
Unlimited Domain

How to use:
1. Upload The uptobox.ZIP file into your hosting then extract it,
2. How to Setting Protect Your Player:

open end edit embed.php find the code below and change yourdomainname.com with your domain name.


3. Open in your browser “https://your-domain-name.com/uptobox/” and you are done!.
user: admin
pass: admin123

How To Change The Password:
open end edit index.php find the code below and change admin and admin123 with your own username and password.

$username = 'admin';
$password = 'admin123';

How To Change Banner 300×250 at Download Page:
open end edit download.php find the code below and change with your own adbanner.

<a href="/"><img src="assets/img/ancokplayer_ads300x250a.jpg" alt="300x250"/></a>



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Uptobox Jwplayer Php Script With Subtitle Manager Integrated

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